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Hi, Thank very much for sharing your expertise with me and for giving me the chance attending the CPD Study in Canada, CPD Canadian Experience Class as well as earning 5.5 CPD points for NO COST. Best regards,

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Title of Program:   How Canada’s Refugee System Works (Educational Only, Approved by (CCIC)

*** Video Only ***

Seminar ID:    HCR – 0121   January 21, 2021


Program Duration:        No CPD Credits
Language:                        English
Provider:                           Immigration Learning & Information Centre, IMLIN
Presenter:                        Arian Sultafa, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC)
Arian Sultafa is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), and an Honors Bachelor of Laws from the University of Tirana, Albania. Arian Sultafa has over 18 years of lawful immigration practice experience in Canada.  Arian’s experience has brought him in touch with all the dimensions of immigration. Profound knowledge of different immigration categories of visa including, but not limited to student visa/study permit, postgraduate work permits, permanent residence, temporary residence, and family class applications, express entry, citizenship, refugee protection claims, detention review hearings, IAD hearings, provincial nominee programs.
Arian has lectured and served as an Instructor at the Academy of Learning Immigration Consultant Program Diploma and currently, teaches at the Accredited Immigration Consultant Program Diploma at CDI College, Canada. Arian is committed to quality and high caliber of work in the area of immigration.




    1. Opening Remarks   

      –  Canadian Refugee Protection Program

      1. Refugee and Humanitarian Resettlement Program

      –  Private Sponsors

      1. Sponsorship Agreement Holder – SAH

      –  Eligibility

      1. Group of Five

      –  Eligibility

      1. Community Sponsor

      –  Eligibility

      1. Blended Visa Office-Referred Program


      1. Sponsor a Refugee with Special Needs

      –  Eligibility

      1. Processing SAH, Group of Five& Community Sponsor Applications

      –  2 Stage

      –  Change of Information

      1. Claim Refugee from Inside Canada

      –  Eligibility

      –  Safe Third Country Agreement

      1. Options for Refused Refugee Applicants in Canada

      –  Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA)

      1. Closing remarks

      –  Questions and Answers

      –  Conclusion & closing comments

Format: Video ONly  

 Cost $10.00 for a single registration  

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    Venue: Thornhill Community Centre – Main Entrance – Meeting Room B8

  • 7755 Bayview Avenue Thornhill, ON L3T 4P1