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Hi, Thank very much for sharing your expertise with me and for giving me the chance attending the CPD Study in Canada, CPD Canadian Experience Class as well as earning 5.5 CPD points for NO COST. Best regards,

Domingo Doria, RCIC Thu, Oct 13, 2016 October 27, 2016

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Title of Program:   Caregiver with or without LMIA to PR, **** Video ****

(Educational Only, NO CPD CREDITS, Approved by CICC)

Seminar ID:    CLP – 1021   October 21, 2021

Program Duration:        3 CPD Credits
Language:                        English
Provider:                           Immigration Learning & Information Centre, IMLIN
Presenter:                        Dalia Milmantas, RCIC
Dalia Milmantas, the principal of her company “Milmantas Immigration Services”, holds a bachelor’s degree in philology and education, has gained a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge in Canadian immigration law while employed by two major Toronto law firms as an immigration legal assistant, and subsequently while running her own immigration practice. She met stringent educational standards and is a member in good standing of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and a member of CAPIC (Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants).
Ms. Milmantas has been assisting in Canadian immigration matters since 1999 and specializes in strategic planning for those applicants who cannot find a simple and direct path to immigration.  Dalia represents and advocates for clients applying for temporary and permanent resident visas, study and work permits, including those with previous refusals, and other complex immigration-related applications such as criminal rehabilitation, applications for Temporary Resident Permit. Dalia is proficient in Lithuanian, English, and Russian.



Opening Remarks (10 Minutes) 

–  About the programs: Closed & Current Programs for Caregivers –  Ministerial Instruction

Eligibility Requirements for In-Home Caregiver under TFWP (10 minutes)

    – Ministerial Instruction
LMIA for Caregivers: Hiring a Caregiver who is in Canada (15 Minutes)
             – Caregiver for Children – NOC 4411
             – Caregiver for Elderly – NOC 4412

Program Requirement (30 Minutes)

    – Recruitment & Advertising 
              – Prevailing Wage
    – Transportation

Caregiver Eligibility (25 Minutes)

 –  Education

 –  Training or Experience

 –  Language Proficiency

Permanent Residence for Caregiver (25 Minutes)

– Caregiver Ability to Perform Duties

–  Genuine Job Offer

– Qualifying Work Experience in Canada

Submission Package (15 Minutes)

– Forms

– Submission Letter

– Supporting Documents

Bridging Open Work Permit for Caregiver (10 Minutes)

–  Issuing BOWP

–  Spouse and Dependents

  Format: Video ONLY  

Cost $10.00 for a single registration  

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